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...that was unrecognizable by Progress herself.

Drama / TV Series: 3 Seasons, 24 Episodes.
LOGLINE: ‘Paper Tiger’ facades of the ‘20s are 'modern' weapons for Julia McCoy and the Army—both cavalier in the tumultuous Inter-war years—but fail to mask the truth and a self-destructive path right into Japanese hands.
SUMMARY: In 1922, Honolulu, Julia P. McCoy is thrust into ‘the war before the war’—excessive rankling among citizens, Japanese labor, the Army, the government, and Congress—a bellwether for what’s to come 20 years hence. When Julia meets Arthur, she’s inspired to out-run her controlling mother, Harriet McCoy and become the ‘modern woman’ that her Aunt Eva Barney wants; complete with modern vices. Julia is introduced to the Japanese ‘problem’ through the Barney’s house servant, Michi Ishikawa, who is selling defense secrets to the Resistance...
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This is the untold story of the heroes...

 Drama/Thriller Feature Film- 120 MIN


LOG LINE: When POWs’ lives become ‘unlivable’ in WWII, a noble colonel becomes ‘unkillable,’ outsmarting sadistic Japanese captors on a four-year mission to save thousands and get justice for American GIs.


SYNOPOSIS: Once…there was a compassionate soldier in the Pacific War who survived disease, starvation, the Death March, three Japanese prison ships, a bullet, and more—while managing to feed starving POWS—by becoming a smuggler in the Underground operation known as "Home Fires." Colonel Arthur L. Shreve, Jr.’s four-year internment is an unforgettable tale of raw guts, American ingenuity, and bravery—an officer who went against regs and with his wits to snake in cash to buy food for his career-long band of brothers. This is the untold story of the heroes who pulled it off…and of one man who was tough as nails, and a wife who wished she was. AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW:Summary, Character List and/or Full Movie Script. 

"He who wields the sharpest wit carves his name in history.”

~ H. P. Shreve

GENRE: Drama/Mini-series, 8 Episodes


LOGLINE: In an early Republic, Henry Shreve seizes a 'golden moment' with his bare hands -- when the West is virtually unreachable except by boat --  conquering every transportation obstacle in the way of national prosperity with his steam and snag boat innovations, changing the course of history.


SUMMARY: On the heels of John Adams, Henry Miller Shreve takes charge in a blossoming nation where settlers and traders move west in droves after the Louisiana Purchase and into a ‘new America.' Like Congress, young Henry believes “…that the free navigation of the river Mississippi is a clear and essential right of the United States.” Living in the time of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, the War of 1812, and Indian hostilities, he foresees the power of steam engines on the water and how they could catapult a country into phenomenal prosperity. With his adventurous nature and ingenuity, he takes keelboats and barges [of the pioneer days] into a new technological era in an amazing journey to make safer steam engines, bigger steamboats and the first Snag Boat—The Heliopolis, which clears the Red River raft and opens 1,200 miles of navigable Texas waters for the US Government. From gun-running for Andrew Jackson [ War of 1812], to breaking up the Fulton-Livingston Monopoly in 1817, Henry is a catalyst for the biggest transportation revolution of the 19th century—eventually conquering river navigation; opening commerce on the Mississippi and almost single-handedly doubling the foreign trade of the Republic in his 34-year-career on the waterways.

AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW: Summary, Season Arc, and Pilot Episode: 'Big Muddy.'