"their stories make us stronger...
I believe in preserving Great American Stories--heroes once in war or PEACE, whose lives leave us the greatest gift; inspiration for generations to come. My dream, the Shreve Foundation, will house their stories... TO keep, display, and available ONLINE for research."
Heather Shreve is a creator dedicated to DEEP WORK,
bringing characters to LIFE and uncovering lost stories.
Heather has authored 8 books, 2 TV series and a feature film, and worked as a TECHNICAL WRITER for McCormick Spice on the Theory of Operation. Through her company, SHREVE Interactive, Inc., she offers editing, ghostwriting, article writing, book cover design and more. The future plan includes a 501(c) 3 non-profit foundation for military history in the first half of the 20th century. She resides in Maryland with her two children.
"When I dive deep into the words,
I often find the best phrases stuck on the bottom." ~ HPS

"Your Grandfather's story is truly one of an American hero-risking everything for his fellow brothers in battle. I think it's a wonderful gift to future generations to ensure the legacy of your grandfather lives on and receives a permanent place in history." 

~ Sen. John McCain