"their stories make us stronger...
I believe in preserving Great American Stories--heroes once in war or PEACE, whose lives leave us the greatest gift; inspiration for generations to come. My dream, the Shreve Foundation, will house WAR HEROES and their stories: TO keep, display, and BE available ONLINE for research."
The proceeds from her IP/content will fuel and fund the future: The Shreve Foundation; a planned 501(c)3 organization dedicated to military heroes in the first half of the 20th century. Heather Shreve is a creator: author, screenwriter, speaker and master artist. She is dedicated to DEEP WORK, bringing characters to LIFE and uncovering lost stories. Her company, SHREVE Interactive, Inc., offers editing, ghostwriting, book cover design and other publishing  services. She resides in Maryland with her two children.
"When I dive deep into the words, I often find the best phrases stuck on the bottom." ~ HPS



'I've seen many speakers...Heather is so much better!

top-tier, in terms of story-telling with a message!


Gripping... inspirational... eloquent...

Heather's love and respect for her granddad, { the Colonel} is really a story about true leadership: taking care of your men.


~ Dave Hogen, Commander, (ret) USN

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​​​Turning the Improbable into the Possible. In the Leading Edge series, her signature keynote 'Once A Colonel' recounts her grandfather's life in the Golden Age of the Army and his amazing leadership and survival under pressure while a Japanese POW {for 4 years} during WWII in the Philippines.

How far are you willing to go? Heather's harrowing memoirs and experience in East Africa in 1983 makes an impression too. 'Caught on the Equator' answers the big questions in life and gives everyone perspective.  Jailed in Mombasa, Kenya at the height of 'Blood Ivory' by corrupt policemen looking to extract money, she was taken to an 'off-the-grid' jail where her fate was unknown.