"To spark the imagination,
your pen must become a


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   "When I dive deep into the words,
I often find
the best
stuck on
the bottom."

'What you see is not all there is...'

Her Passion: Heather Shreve is a versatile writer and author with a penchant for going deep into history and known for not imposing on the viewer but instead leaving 'white space' for the audience to experience any wisdom or subtext in their own way. Ms. Shreve's 'sweet spot' is using well-placed layers and intriguing clues that lead us into a new world where pieces come together and create a whole, like history itself.

Her Legacy: Ms. Shreve is compelled to unearth and write STORY--- powerful narrative and images which bring the width and breadth of human emotion to life, facilitating excellence and human achievement through compelling characters; heroes who inspire us to leave our own mark on the world. The SHREVE FOUNDATION, a future 501(c) 3 non-profit for WWI and WWII history, will be a repository for artifacts, an online research destination, a museum, a theatre, and bookstore designed to be free and open to schools and the public for educational purposes.  

Her Work: Both in books and screenplays has been praised by historians and military advisors alike. In 2021, Ms. Shreve was Winner of  The BEST DRAMA Screenplay category at the LA Film Awards for her sassy, well-researched pilot "Riddle" from her TV series The Bamboo Wife. She is now on the top tier of Film Freeway with 7 wins, selections, and finalist awards. Ms. Shreve has 7 titles on Amazon and three film projects ready for review.

Heather has been incorporated since 1987, is a master artist, mother of two, and resides in Maryland. Through her company, SHREVE Interactive, Inc., she offers story design, screenwriting, editing, ghostwriting, article writing, book cover design and more.


"Your Grandfather's story is truly one of an American hero-risking everything for his fellow brothers in battle. I think it's a wonderful gift to future generations to ensure the legacy of your grandfather lives on and receives a permanent place in history." ~ Sen. John McCain



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